East Washington Freedom Alliance

Empowering citizens and organizations across the counties of East Washington to more effectively work towards restoring freedom, justice, and adherence to constitutional values in state and local governments.

Our Story

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East Washington Freedom Alliance (EWAFA) is a group of freedom loving men and women belonging to and supporting many different liberty minded organizations here in East Washington.

The Struggle is Real...

We understand that promoting YOUR organization and actively raising awareness about it and its mission to a broader audience is a huge challenge!

Often people do not know you exist, and you do not know who is interested in helping. Getting the word out involves utilizing various strategies and channels to communicate your organization's purpose, values, and activities. The challenge to attract supporters, volunteers, and potential partners and increase engagement and participation in your initiatives is often overwhelming and frustrating.

EWAFA was created to help you overcome those struggles by providing a unified platform that seamlessly notifies and connects patriots and organizations to your cause. Empowering you to quickly and efficiently promote your organization, generate greater interest, build a stronger community around your cause, and ultimately help you achieve a more significant impact in advancing (Y)OUR mission.





Connect With Others

Grow Your Organization

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Tapping into A network of other like minded organizations

Engaging with a collective alliance of organizations whose purpose is to hold our elected officials accountable to the people who they represent. Become part of an interconnected web of organizations that share similar values and work towards mutual objectives.

Our goal is to uphold and champion traditional family values in East Washington through grassroots activism, education, and community engagement. We are committed to advocating for conservative policies and legislation that protect the sanctity of the traditional family unit and to vigorously opposing progressive agenda that seek to undermine these fundamental values.

Change is what changes things.

Until we are willing to accept that we must change our habits in order to affect change, we will never be able to make the difference we need in this country. What are you willing to do in order to affect change?

We need to start voting with our dollars and ensure that our purchases are supporting companies that promote freedom.


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